Group Medical Insurance

Leading Companies: Value their staff as their number one asset and accordingly endeavour to protect their well-being.
These same companies also understand the advantage this offers when attracting (and retaining) the highest qualified and skilled recruits to their company.

By including a good level of medical cover in the employees benefits package. not only enhances the company’s status as a premier employer, it also creates a level of loyalty that lesser companies do not enjoy.

With a variety of plans you can ensure that in the event of an accident or ill health your staff will receive the best treatment – at the same time compensating their dependents whilst they are incapacitated.

In the case of a fatality or permanent disability, many of our policies offer “one off” compensation payments.

Whether you already have cover or not – We welcome the opportunity to discuss customising a policy that benefits both your business and staff in providing the best coverage for the most affordable premium.

Key Benefits To The Company:

  1. Enhanced reputation when seeking the highest quality recruits.
  2. Staff loyalty when competing with competitors in the recruitment market.
  3. Insurance premium is categorized as an expense and fully deductible from Corporation Tax.

Contact Us Today – To add health cover to your staffs existing benefit package.